Rep. Harry E. Mitchell (D-AZ)

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Q. As you think election, how do you feel about the prospect of facing immigration-reform legislation this year?

A. We've got to have this immigration issue addressed. It one of those things like health care that keeps getting pushed back and pushed back. Arizona has a peculiar interest in doing something about this because most of the illegal immigrants are coming through Arizona. We look at drop houses, home invasions, guns, drugs - much of this associated with illegal immigration.

We need to strengthen the borders. We need to make sure we know who's coming across and is in this country. At the same time, we also ought to take into account the needs of businesses. There's got to be a comprehensive bill.

"U.S. Rep Harry Mitchell today offered an amendment to block a funding cut to the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) that reimburses state and local law enforcement agencies for the cost of arresting and jailing illegal immigrants. SCAAP has been cut by $100 million in a bill making its way through Congress."

I've looked at two sources from his website that pretty much seems to point him into the nay direction but not too sure since on his site he didn't say exactly he was against immigration reform even though it points that way.

From both sources he wants to increase the boarder patrol and also keep the funding for SCAAP to put undocumented immigrants in jail and also pay for the cost of the arresting as well.

"I am deeply disappointed that the Senate today let down the American people who made clear last November that they are looking to Congress to end illegal immigration. At the very least, Congress owes the American people a vote on comprehensive immigration reform.

While this vote is a serious setback to immigration reform this year, I will continue to urge my colleagues in the House to take up this important issue in a bipartisan way so we can once and for all secure the border and enact tough and realistic immigration reform.

Until then, I will continue to do everything I can to secure our border. We’re making progress. Just two weeks ago, I voted to put 3,000 new Border Patrol agents along the border and delivered critical resources to the Border Patrol and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.”

In this statement from Senator Harry Mitchell it is very unclear what his stance is on the reform itself but to border patrol we know he wants to increase it.

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