Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX)

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A direct qoute from Rep. Olson, posted on his website, regarding illegal immigration:

"If we don’t know who is coming into our country, how will we know they don’t want to harm us? I believe in strengthening our borders with fences, increased surveillance, increased man power, detention facilities, and an increased commitment to FULLY enforce our laws – no excuses, no delays, and no second chances for those who break our laws. Amnesty is not an option. Unlike our current Congressman, I won’t support new benefits for illegal immigrants – that only entices more people to come to our country illegally"


He also cosponsored the Anti-Illegal resolution in 2010 (H.RES.1026) that "1) pass legislation mandating the use of the E-Verify system, 2) pass legislation ensuring that America's borders are fully secure, and 3) oppose all amnesty legislation in 2010."


He is highly unlikely to vote for DREAM act.

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