U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Partysort icon State District
Andrews, Robert E. Likely Yea Democrat New Jersey 1
Baird, Brian N. Unclear Democrat Washington 3
Berman, Howard L. Likely Yea Democrat California 28
Berry, Robert Marion Likely Nay Democrat Arkansas 1
Bishop, Timothy H. Unclear Democrat New York 1
Boswell, Leonard L. Likely Yea Democrat Iowa 3
Boucher, Frederick C. On the Fence Democrat Virginia 9
Boyd, Allen On the Fence Democrat Florida 2
Brady, Robert A. Likely Yea Democrat Pennsylvania 1
Cardoza, Dennis A. Likely Yea Democrat California 18
Conyers, John Unclear Democrat Michigan 14
Cooper, Jim Likely Yea Democrat Tennessee 5
Costello, Jerry F. On the Fence Democrat Illinois 12
Davis, Lincoln Unclear Democrat Tennessee 4
DeFazio, Peter A. Likely Nay Democrat Oregon 4
Dicks, Norman D. Likely Yea Democrat Washington 6
Edwards, Thomas On the Fence Democrat Texas 17
Gordon, Barton Jennings Unclear Democrat Tennessee 6
Hill, Baron P. Likely Nay Democrat Indiana 9
Holden, Tim On the Fence Democrat Pennsylvania 17
Holt, Rush Dew Likely Yea Democrat New Jersey 12
Kanjorski, Paul E. On the Fence Democrat Pennsylvania 11
Kucinich, Dennis J. Likely Yea Democrat Ohio 10
Larson, John B. Likely Yea Democrat Connecticut 1
Lewis, John R. Likely Yea Democrat Georgia 5