U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State District
Davis, Geoff Needs research Republican Kentucky 4
DeFazio, Peter A. Likely Nay Democrat Oregon 4
Dicks, Norman D. Likely Yea Democrat Washington 6
Donnelly, Joe On the Fence Democrat Indiana 2
Dreier, David T. Likely Nay Republican California 26
Edwards, Thomas On the Fence Democrat Texas 17
Ehlers, Vernon J. On the Fence Republican Michigan 3
Ellsworth, Brad Likely Nay Democrat Indiana 8
Flake, Jeff Unclear Republican Arizona 6
Fleming, John Likely Nay Republican Louisiana 4
Fortenberry, Jeffrey Lane Unclear Republican Nebraska 1
Foster, Bill Unclear Democrat Illinois 14
Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. Likely Nay Republican New Jersey 11
Garrett, Scott Likely Nay Republican New Jersey 5
Giffords, Gabrielle Likely Yea Democrat Arizona 8
Gingrey, John Philip Likely Nay Republican Georgia 11
Gohmert, Louis B. Unclear Republican Texas 1
Gordon, Barton Jennings Unclear Democrat Tennessee 6
Granger, Kay Unclear Republican Texas 12
Grayson, Alan Likely Yea Democrat Florida 8
Griffith, Parker Likely Nay Democrat Alabama 5
Guthrie, Brett Likely Nay Republican Kentucky 2
Hall, Ralph Moody Likely Nay Republican Texas 4
Hall, John J. Unclear Democrat New York 19
Halvorson, Deborah L. Likely Yea Democrat Illinois 11