U.S. House of Representatives
Outlook on DREAM Act

Name on DREAM Act Party State District
Stupak, Bart T. Unclear Democrat Michigan 1
Sutton, Betty Likely Yea Democrat Ohio 13
Taylor, Gene Likely Nay Democrat Mississippi 4
Terry, Lee R. Unclear Republican Nebraska 2
Thompson, C. Likely Yea Democrat California 1
Thompson, Glenn Likely Nay Republican Pennsylvania 5
Thornberry, William M. Likely Nay Republican Texas 13
Tiahrt, Todd Likely Nay Republican Kansas 4
Tiberi, Patrick J. Unclear Republican Ohio 12
Titus, Dina Likely Yea Democrat Nevada 3
Turner, Michael R. Unclear Republican Ohio 3
Upton, Frederick Stephen Likely Nay Republican Michigan 6
Visclosky, Peter J. On the Fence Democrat Indiana 1
Walden, Greg P. Likely Nay Republican Oregon 2
Walz, Timothy J. Likely Yea Democrat Minnesota 1
Welch, Peter Likely Yea Democrat Vermont
Westmoreland, Lynn A. Likely Nay Republican Georgia 3
Wilson, Charles A. Likely Nay Democrat Ohio 6
Wittman, Rob J. Likely Nay Republican Virginia 1
Yarmuth, John A. On the Fence Democrat Kentucky 3