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IcanOnlyDream 05-31-2010 05:03 PM

Isn't it funny when.......
ignorant people write that we are all criminals that keep on getting 'freebies'? Seriously, what 'freebies'? their main argument deals with the fact that they are tired of paying taxes for us. I sincerely wish I could know what benefits these people keep on writing about because I would die to have at least ONE. I write this because everytime I read this (from the comments section of every news source) I try to compare it to my life and nothing fits. Maybe we all should stop paying taxes so all their talking will finally have some credibilty, and we'll see the impact it will have on the economy.

Here's something else too, whenever people write something like "illegals are the scum of the country, the dream act is more of a nightmare act and they all should be deported asap" - 5121 thumbs up - 5 thumbs down. Another one: "I support the Dream Act and all these students should be given a chance to succeed" - Thumbs up 15 - Thumbs down 1215. I obviously made comments up but the thumbs down and up are pretty realistic. They all see us as a whole and would rather focus on the bad apples rather than the good ones.

conte 05-31-2010 10:36 PM


Noobstur 05-31-2010 10:53 PM

Re: Isn't it funny when.......
Well that is the best argument those people got. It is just one of the many lies they use to convince others into hating Mexicans ehm... I mean illegals.

We're the scapegoat for almost all of this country's problems. Especially us dreamers. We're trying to obtain our citizenship in all fairness by using sympathy and describing it from our point of view, using credible sources, yet these bastards with the help of overpower us with lies. Front page of the newspaper reads "Illegal immigrant kills man". Some oppose because they think we will take a citizens seat in college? Now that's a load of bs.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be raised in this country and for letting me receive a k-12 education that any U.S citizen would. As a way showing my love for this country, I am hoping to enlist in the Military and become a legal taxpayer to the day that I retire. Give me a chance please. That's all I want. is it too much to ask for???!!!

justchecking69 06-01-2010 09:07 PM

Re: Isn't it funny when.......
Not to flame you but, in some counties in Southern California, undocumented aliens do get a lot of county services. Hence, the resentment.

IcanOnlyDream 06-02-2010 01:15 AM

Re: Isn't it funny when.......

Originally Posted by justchecking69 (Post 161646)
Not to flame you but, in some counties in Southern California, undocumented aliens do get a lot of county services. Hence, the resentment.

Actually, it's just my ignorance. I forgot about the stories I read from the thread I made, but again, we all don't get those benefits.

JadeN 06-02-2010 01:58 AM

Re: Isn't it funny when.......
but sadly, lots of undocumented immigrants do get public services. public school, for example.

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