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dreamy14 12-12-2011 07:02 PM

Stop Gustavo's Deportation. {success}
via dreamactivist.org:


URGENT: Gustavo is set to be deported on December 16th! Please take immediate action to stop his deportation by signing the petition and making the call!

Gustavo has been living in the United States since he was 7 years old. Now 19, he is a senior at Centennial High School in Oregon, set to graduate this January. Gustavo dreams of becoming a firefighter to help his community. If he is deported, he won't be able to fulfill his dream and will be separated from his family.

Sign the petition to save him!

buckminsterfullerene 12-14-2011 04:04 PM

Re: Stop Gustavo's Deportation.

It seems Obama is trying to hit a new low. This Friday Gustavo, a high school DREAMer from Oregon is scheduled to be deported. All of the paperwork is in, all we need now is for Obama to do what he says he is doing and stop Gustavo's deportation.
Gustavo is an outstanding student. He is currently a senior at Centennial High School in Oregon. He has been looking forward to walking with his friends on graduation day and receiving his diploma. However, he won't be able to do this unless we all support him and take action.
Will you help Gustavo by making a call to ICE urging them to stop his deportation?

1. Call DHS Janet Napolitano: 202-282-8495
2. Call ICE John Morton: 202-732-3000
Sample Script: "I am calling to ask that DREAM-Eligible student Gustavo Alvarez (A# 200-681-739) be allowed to stay in the U.S. Gustavo came to the United States when he was only 7 years old. He will be graduating from high school in Oregon next year and dreams of becoming a firefighter. Don't deport high-school student Gustavo Romero Alvarez."
In addition to making a call, PLEASE, Help us get the word out - sign the petition.

Please spread the word if you are on Twitter and Facebook by posting this message: Gustavo, a highschool DREAMer is set to be deported this Friday! Sign & RT to stop his deportation: bit.ly/gustavoend #immyouth #dwn #stopice @DreamAct

And if you can please take another minute to DEMAND THE RESIGNATION OF SHERIFF ARPAIO,
Please click on this site, then click on "immigrant rights" and then click "sign." You can also easily post to your facebook page.
another e-mail that I received with numbers to call and another petition to sign.

dreamy14 12-15-2011 05:24 AM

Re: Stop Gustavo's Deportation.

Thanks buckminsterfullerene. This was the version that I actually was going to post, only it reached my inbox a little later than usual. :|

Ali 12-17-2011 11:07 PM

Re: Stop Gustavo's Deportation.
what were the circumstances of his 'arrest'? He wasn't selling weed to elementary kids or some dumb shit like that was he?

nvmnd....found it; nothing so serious.

buckminsterfullerene 12-20-2011 01:30 AM

Re: Stop Gustavo's Deportation.
Gustavo's deportation has been stopped, as detailed in the following e-mail, sorry for being so late to forward.



Well what can we say other than congratulations on pulling off another win.

On Friday Gustavo was told by ICE's chief counsel in Oregon that they wouldn't be deporting him, instead his case would be dropped. Don't doubt yourself'; this would not have happened if it wasn't for your support. Just last Wednesday Gustavo's deportation officer reminded him to be ready for a Friday deportation. Things changed because you took action. Gustavo will now be able to graduate from high school and hopefully one day realize his DREAM of becoming a firefighter.

Thank you. Do you think we can make one more holiday miracle possible?

Meet Cesar. Cesar has been detained in Calhoun County, Michigan for almost four months now. Actually Cesar's four month anniversary will be the same day of his 25th Birthday. Can you imagine spending your birthday in an immigration detention center? Can you imagine spending four months locked up for nothing other than wanting a better future? Well that's the position Cesar finds himself in right now and we need your help to get him out. Will you join us in making 100 calls to free Cesar Montoya from ICE detention?

If you are down to help us free Cesar we need you to do the following things:

Change your facebook profile picture to the image clicking here. Each day as we meet our call-in goals we'll be raising the stakes.
Sign the petition asking President Obama to hold true to his word and grant deferred action to DREAMer Cesar.
Make one phone call to ICE asking that they grant deferred action for Cesar. You can follow the sample call-in script below.
Call-in number: 800-394-5855 or 202-732-3000

"Hi, I was calling to ask that Cesar Montoya (A#200-297-690) be granted deferred action. Cesar is a hardworking student and farmworker. He has spent four months in detention. He is DREAM Act eligible, I thought Obama said he wasn't deporting DREAMers? Please let Cesar go home for the holidays!"

Daniel we're on a roll here, do you think we can help Cesar the same way we did David and Gustavo? Our goal for today is 100 calls for Cesar, as soon as we reach that goal we can raise the stakes. After you make a call reply to this email so we can keep a tally.

Thank you,

Mohammad Abdollahi

P.S. On twitter? Send this simple message: #DREAMer Cesar spends 25th Bday locked up in detention - why? Call & ask ICE to grant deferred action bit.ly/cesarout @dreamact

the reply e-mail address is [email protected]

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