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Originally Posted by Swim19 View Post
first of all that isn't tikva's credentials, but mine. Tikva is a friend of mine trying to help. Clearly you guys don't know what food science is or that most of the processed food you buy was made by a food scientist. if you don't want to send the letter then don't send it, but there's no need to stop others from doing it.
Swim, you should just ignore these people's stupid commentary. You obviously have a strong education and would contribute a lot to this country if somebody would allow you to--just like you were the one putting in the most work to get calls in before the vote. I was going to send in a post thanking you if the DA went through, because it would have been 75% your work for pushing people to call in. Most of these people only come to complain and live off of other people's hard work.
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