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12-28-2011, 05:46 PM
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A status update from one of the co-founders of, Prerna Lal

Dear friends, an awesome donor has decided to triple all donations that gets in the next week so $5 donation from you is really $15. Help us out:
The donor will triple all donations, up to $3000

We are ending this year with an amazing fundraising drive. We need all the support we can get because an amazing donor has oferred to triple all donations, up to $3,000.

This means your $25 donation is really a $75 donation. Amazing no?

We only have a limited time to meet this challenge, we are sure you'll get us over the top. With the DREAM Act heating up this election cycle all of your support is needed.

Donations will go towards the work of in 2012. Items like:

- DreamAct advocacy
- Sponsoring media, organizing, lobbying and other trainings.
- Website developing and hosting costs
- Student scholarships
- Deportation advocacy campaigns

And so much more, you know the work we do and we plan on really buckling down this coming year with a lot of new things
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