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01-08-2012, 06:15 PM
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Sorry to bother you on a Sunday but this case just couldn't wait. We have a DREAMer who has three U.S. citizen kids, has been detained in Michigan since October and is being told she will be deported on Tuesday. XXXX we need to get 500 petition signatures today and we were hoping you could help us?

Leslie is a DREAMer, she has been living in the United States since she was 11. Two of her three kids have severe medical needs. The oldest requires constant attention having been hit by an SUV two years prior. Leslie's second oldest has a sever respiratory condition. All of these are strong factors to keep Leslie home with her family.

Join us in signing Leslie's petition and demanding she be able to stay with her family. ICE Stop the Tuesday deportation of DREAMer Leslie!

According to the recent statements from ICE and even President Obama, Leslie clearly falls into the category of 'low priority.' Unfortunately that isn't stopping ICE from wanting to deport Leslie. Leslie's time here is limited, she's been told she will be deported on Tuesday. Her sister-in-law has been instructed to deliver a suitcase of belongings for Leslie's trip back to Mexico.

Time is really ticking for Leslie, please sign to stop Leslie's Tuesday deportation

Your support is going to make the difference, please help us get the word out. If you are on twitter or facebook do us a favor and post this:

Why? Leslie mother of 3 US citizen children will b deported Tuesday! Sign to demand @wwwicegov let her go @DreamAct

Thank you,

Maria Marroquin

P.S. Follow us on facebook for faster updates on Leslie's case
Let's do all we can to help, forward to the people that you know and encourage them to forward to the people that they know.
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