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08-07-2014, 03:35 AM
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Originally Posted by justjohnjustice1988 View Post
Thank you for your information. Also, thanks for not being judgemental like all the other commentors that are ready to stone me for a mistake anyone can make.

I already talked to one lawyer. I'm going to talk to another one.

I might have a sliver of hope.

If I do get approved for renewal, I'll give all the details for sure.

Again, thanks for being positive. The last thing I need is answering to all the negative responses my post has gotten.

I'm not gonna give up any time soon. I belong here and I will prove it!
a mistake anyone can make?

Wtf are you talking about, it was your choice. I like drinking sure, but do i decide to drink and drive a the same time? No. So don't be saying "anyone" can make this mistake. Anyone who doesn't think about the consequences and thinks they're above the law: Sure. Don't be coming on here thinking that we're going to be lenient, This makes us look bad. What do you think mr King would say to you?

think before you act.

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