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08-22-2018, 08:58 PM
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How many of the 50 US States and its territories have you visited?


1. California (where I live)
2. Nevada (Sin City baby)
3. Oregon (whoregon)
4. Washington (home of Shit-attle)
5. Idaho (you da ho, who da ho?)
6. Wyoming (State of the Grand TITons National Park)
7. Utah (Salt Lake Shitty)
8. Illinois (Chicago - America's Unofficial Capital)
9. Tennesse (tits I see)
10. Mississippi (misses sloppy)
11. Arkansas (arkenslut)
12. Alabama (I'll uhhhhh...bam her)
13. Wisconsin (Wussconsin - aka home state of Paulina Ryan)
14. Alaska (capital 'Ain't her age')
15. Hawaii (O herro, I rearry rike Honoruru and RuRuRemon 'Wai you so sirry - kiki hehe)
16. Florida (I got engaged at Fart-lauderdale)
17. Arizona
18. Puerto Rico (Oye papi - ju epek epanich?)

Who got me beat?
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