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I've been applying to it for the past three years and I've always been approved due to my family's income. As long as you give them all the information (especially the tax information) and you fit the criteria (GPA, income, etc.) then you should be approved.

There's not really much advice to give since your financial aid is determined by your college. You should really talk to a financial aid officer about financial aid and see if CSULB has a club or organization for undocumented students on-campus. They'll be able to give you way better information such as whether the college gives grants to undocumented students and what your options are.

I think UCs are also starting to give school loans to AB540 students but unfortunately you wouldn't be eligible. You can't get school loans if I remember correctly - only private ones though you should be eligible for work study if you have EAD. All I get from my UC school are...

* Calgrant (covers tuition fully)
* AB540 grants (covers the international fee - since we're still considered international or something? Never really understood this)
* UC grant

I've also been offered work study and a UC loan but that's pretty much it. You can try finding an on-campus job but they're usually looking for students for work study and limit your hours. So you can look for jobs outside of campus if you need more hours.
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