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I was thinking of doing this to adjust. But I dont know. it seems like a lot of work and money. I do have 2 USC babies. But I dont think I qualify as for the extreme hardship. Cant prove that. Everything else. I think I do. My wife and I both have daca. Both of my babies are healthy.

The only thing is that if my wife and i were to get removed then my kids would enter in that case. Since were both different nationalities. I have none one to care for them. In other words I dont trust anyone with my kids. Crazy world we live in now.
It is a lot of work and money. This should be considered as an emergency last resort if you find yourself in deportation proceedings. It is not worth putting yourself in that situation for something not guaranteed, stressful, and definitely time consuming.

Exceptional and extremely unusual hardship itself isnít something difficult to overcome. In the immigration court system, the exception and unusual hardship is defined in a way that there is a substantial hardship to the individual(s) that goes beyond the normal hardship one faces when a family member leaves the country. Considering the ages of your children, you and your spouseís different nationalities, those itself are considerable challenges. A competent lawyer can build a strong enough case along with any other factors in your situation (family in the U.S, family abroad, health, circumstances in your home countries, etc)
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