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05-16-2018, 03:38 PM
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So Iím on the hamster wheel with USCIS right now. Checked my status in early april. It said an appointment notice was sent so Iím all excited waiting...waiting. Nothing shows up. I call USCIS and ask where it was sent, my po box or my home and when my appointment is for and the woman says she canít see that. Now, she doesnt mention there is a customer service level 2 that can see all that. Nooo, she tells me to fill out an erequest online. I do. It says they wont get to my request till the end of May!! Ok whatever, I can wait I am an early renewal so not pressed for time. I hunker down to wait. Today I get a response back. Some nonsense about my mailing address not matching the record and to call customer service. Now, let me point out my mailing address is the same as my previous renewal so that nonsense. But whatever, I call USCIS again this lady sends me to Level 2. I get an auto response it says someone will call me back in 186 mintues! Hahahahaha! Wow ok. So I have my phone glued to me like a second skin for 2.5hrs when I get a call back. This guy sounds like his life sucks but Iím trying my best to muscle through the conversation. I verify my addresses. He says they sent the notice to my home address and that my biometric was 3 weeks ago. What?!! OMG!! Ok so I donít freak out yet I ask how to reschedule. He directs me back to make another erequest but this time add details about not receiving the notice and requesting a reschedule. He says have a nice day. I hang up and fill out the request. I hit submit and get this error message. Existing inquiry found must wait 30 days before making another or call customer service. ... ... You gotta be freaking kidding me!!! Ok ok. I calm down I call again and now I am waiting another 183 minutes for a level 2 to call me back. I can see where this is going

So my question is, has anyone walked in for a biometric AFTER you missed the appointment and WITHOUT the appointment notice? Iíve got my receipt # and such. You think itíd help if I explained what was happening when I get to the service center?
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