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Originally Posted by Trinindican View Post
This seems like a very easy thing to do, I don't have a lot of money, which might also be others mumblings about not doing this, but at the cost of an outfit or a night out, I think we can all afford to be part of this very simple project.
The cost of my freedom and life: Priceless.
OK-----so i just looked into and, and INDEX CARDS can be used as post cards!! If they are 4" by 6" they will be sent via the standard postcard rate of 27 cents. So if cost is what's holding people back, you can buy 100 pack of index cards from the 99cent store. And if you are afraid they will track down your return address...then don't put it. Seeing they "pass the dream act" sign is enough to turn their heads" long as it's coming in bulks.

So I'm changing the new cost for this project to each person:

100 index cards: $1- $2
cost of stamps: 27cents each.
total to send 80 over 4 weeks: $21.60
total send 40 over 4 weeks: $10.80
total for 20 over 4 weeks: $5.40

I will scan a picture of my set Monday to let everyone know how I designed mine if people are in need of ideas!
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