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11-12-2007, 05:20 AM
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mein herz brennt
hi, im new to this forum and i find it very interesting. Im a sophomore at OSU, premed, biochem major, and of course illegal. God willing trying to get into med school after i graduate. im gonna have to take an MCAT which is really difficult to get prepard for. So fas i just feel weird, kinda depressed because i study my a** off and then probably gonna take the MCAT, but i dont really know if im even gonna be able to applt to med school. you guys get my point, what is the purpose of studying so much for med school, if im prob not even gonna be able to apply, and if i do get in, i dont know how im a gonna pay it. i really like science but i have thought many times to change my major to an easier one, just because my future is uncertain.
Maybe one of you guys is already at a med school or something and can throw a word of advice. thanks
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