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08-11-2019, 04:51 PM
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Originally Posted by IamAman View Post
Currently the US is being run like Alabama and Mississippi so California is looking pretty sweet.
Yea its a real shame. Soon though we'll have someone new! From....oh.....Biden YUK!...Bernie NOPE....Some other ass clowns. Big YIKES!

We're fucked over here, Australia is looking better and better unfortunately they went and banned guns. Good luck protecting yourself from all the roaming packs of steet gangs from foreign dumpster fire nations like Syria.

I don't believe there are any non-fucked nations left in the world. Only a sea of bad choices. Might as well live as a warlord in Africa. I heard fried baboon aint so bad.

Originally Posted by PapiChulo View Post
nobody gives af about all that when our DACA is gone.
DACA won't die, believe in the mighty Ram of DACA, and he will believe in YOU.

Originally Posted by Alby View Post
True that. DJM is just hating cuz he hasnít gotten pito lately.
I might be bi, so you might only be 50% correct. Then again you are probably just another forum idiot. Chance of me being correct: 200 Bajillion %
Originally Posted by Tacvbo
Hahaha like I said. You're a nobody compared to me. Financially, physically, academically, and socially. I've also been to the moon SIX times. I date a hot model as my GF with a small business mowing lawns, so I am wealthier than you. I also have a level 100 main on Runescape and World of Warcraft.
Get out of here and start building something. Loser.
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