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Originally Posted by carnivore View Post
Still live with my mom. If I was legal and I could work, I'd move out soon. But until then, it's her fault and it's her responsibility to take care of me.
that's a little rude and horrible don't you think? it's not like she purposefully brought you here so that you could live as an undocumented immigrant... she brought you here with great intentions, don't get mad at her for doing the best she can with the hand she was dealt. give her a little credit.

with that being said, i live on campus (i go to school 6 hours from home) so i live on my own most of the time, except summers and breaks. BUT my parents pay for everything, so i depend on them financially 100%. i feel bad and i wish there was someone way i could help, but the way i see it, my education will pay off and i WILL repay my parents for all of their sacrifices.

honestly, my parents are my top priority, when i start making money, even before myself.
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