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This is my third time renewing DACA, I had an arrest for petit larceny in NY, a class A misdemeanor, the charge was reduced to disorderly conduct and I was not convicted of a crime. I didn't originally submit anything thinking that since I didn't get convicted nothing would come up. I received an RFE for my arrest coming up on the background check. I sent in a court disposition from the courthouse showing the disorderly conduct. What are the chances that I will get denied DACA and how long should I expect to wait? The application is at the Nebraska center. Thank you.
You should be fine because DACA is only denied for a significant misdemeanors or multiple non-significant misdemeanors. Though this is the Trump administration, so there's always more risk even when an arrest does not lead to a conviction. Hopefully you learned from this, and won't make another mistake that could jeopardize your DACA.
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