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12-30-2015, 12:36 AM
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Hey all,

I was reading a resource guide for undocumented students and came across what is known as the D3 waiver. According to what I have read, it excuses most grounds of inadmissibility sans Nazi war crimes and espionage, which I don't think apply to any of us .

You would typically apply for this waiver after being granted or while applying for a nonimmigrant visa (such as an H1B). The waiver would allow you to enter the US if your visa application is approved and you have a valid reason for being in the country - which could range from employment to just visiting family members.

I am considering this route to have a backup plan in case DACA gets undone, then I would at least still be able to work. Typically companies don't sponsor H1B if you're out of status, but it appears this waiver can circumvent that. Here's some more info

Has anyone else applied for or heard of this waiver? I feel like it's been sitting under our noses the whole time!
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