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I always suggest contacting an experienced lawyer in order to double check so that you're completely sure. I think (anyone with more information please correct me if I'm wrong) if your priority date is current AND you indicated when you filed your I-130 that you were present in the US and intend to adjust your status within the US, then all you need to do is obtain the form I-485 and other applicable forms (basically the whole packet and supplemental forms if it applies to your case) from your local immigration office. I'm not so sure they'll contact you since you're already in the US so you don't need to obtain a visa to travel to the US, and if you already indicated that you'll adjust status here rather than in your home country then I don't think the NVC needs to directly contact you...
Thanks, I was planning on sending the paperwork and I'm pretty sure they don't send a notice. I was asking because my mom was curious and she can't believe they don't let people know, what if we had missed the visa bulletin?
Btw I mentioned it before but I absolutely refuse to consult a lawyer until I'm extremely desperate I've been filling out my dad's application as well as mine and it's actually not a very difficult process unless you have a complicated case. Our case thankfully is not very complicated.

Attn: For those who are curious about the aging out issue and CSPA, I discovered that it's not as hard to figure out if you qualify as they make it seem. All you need to know is have your age on the date the priority date became current (I will be 21 on August 1, 2001), and then calculate how long it took for your petition to be approved (in our case it took almost 5 years for my dad's I-130 to be approved). Now subtract that from your age. 21-~5 = ~17. I would qualify. Either way I'm attaching a memo to my application so that they won't miss it, I heard that CSPA calculations are not automatic so we have to get their attention.

For anyone that's curious about whether you qualify, there's this lawyer on Youtube who did a very good video about it. At first he talks about U.S. citizens freezing their beneficiaries' ages (none of us probably apply for that), but at 2:37 he begins talking about being derivative beneficiaries (which is probably what most -if not all- of us in this thread are)
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