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02-08-2018, 06:02 PM
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Update 2/7: Was granted a bail for $5K this morning. They tried releasing him at 6pm but refused to return his DL, Debit card, cash etc. Apparently, the ICE agent did not leave my father's belongings to be returned and the detention center security guard was only doing as instructed. I called the lawyer and the lawyer told the detention center supervisor that it is a human rights violation to let a man out on the streets without HIS OWN belongings. Lawyer threatened to make a big fucking deal if his belongings were not returned and if he was not let go in the next couple hours. She said "If he spends an extra night in the jail after the bond was posted and bail approved, you better believe I will contact your supervisor and his supervisor". Finally sorted it out and let him go at 8pm.

Thank you all your thoughts and prayers. It meant a lot!!
WOW!! that's such a shitty thing to do! I am glad your lawyer put them in their place. I honestly wonder if these corrupt agents have any compassion within them, because these actions clearly show they do not.

On another hand, I am very glad to hear your father was released. I hope the next steps result in a positive outcome for you and your family. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way my fellow dreamer <3
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