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Yes it does matter, which is why I was asking. And the DREAM Act is different, this is for deferred action.

If by "stealing" you mean something like burglary, then I would not try to apply. You will not qualify and might end up getting your case transferred to ICE. If it was a petty theft, then you might still qualify since it MIGHT NOT be considered a significant misdemeanor. Your truancy citation at 14 might not be counted at all since it's almost like a traffic ticket (which are not counted) and it happened when you were very young. So what was the actual charge? If you do not want to say, that's fine, but it's important if you want a more accurate answer.

Remember though, this is just for information and it's only my personal opinion. If you have a criminal record, you should talk to an attorney first and ask if you qualify before you send anything in.
it was at a store and it was make up.. :/ i know it was so stupid..
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