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So I applied for a savings account with Community America so that I could also take advantage of getting a credit card from them and start building credit with my new social. They called me back saying they couldnt bc theres a completely different ssn coming up when they input my info, have an idea of what that number is but unsure of why it would be pulling up..... They told me I needed to check my credit report and thats it. Uhm in my opinion my number is new so credit should be blank so no need to get credit report. Not sure if I should go ahead and order it just to check it and check whats on there or go ahead an apply for a credit card somewhere else. Kinda pissed either way though that I have an inquiry on there probably with nothing to show for it. I do have a bank account with another bank under my itin that I need to transfer to my ssn but they dont have credit cards for people with no credit or secured cards.
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