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Originally Posted by Morrow View Post
Well, it depends, there are people who got it after a week, after 2 week, 3 weeks, one said he got it the next day. Me however, got it on the 5th week.

You can go to the office after a week to see if you been ASSIGN a number (People also recommended that you can call the office, however everytime I called they refuse to tell me anything unless I gave them a SS number to check o.O). I would rather you get the actual card, because I went to take the exam today, there was a guy who didn't have his card (or any ids in fact), they make a deal out of it (doesn't seem to like it).
I suggest you wait for the actual card itself too. There was a member on another thread that said he had received a printout and started applying for jobs in the mean time then when he got the actual card he realized the numbers had been moved just watch out. Congrats on the approval by the way!
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