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Hello All,

My son is a high school senior and a very good soccer player. Many universities are interested in him but he is undocumented. Can he still get a scholarship? He does not have a SSN either, can he fill out the FAFSA? Please help becuase the application deadline is running out. Thanks
I was receiving my partial athletic scholarship for football at the university I went to without any problems but I did have a SSN. My thought is that a lot of schools use their athletic programs as a form of marketing and if they think that someone is good enough to improve their program and increase enrolment they will make the funds available (especially private institutions).

FAFSA can be filled out (and some schools require that it is filled out in order to receive the athletic scholarship). You can fill it out just donít lie on it and donít expect to receive money from the federal government. I had to fill one out in order to get my athletic scholarship and I had no expectation of receiving any federal financial aid. The odd thing is that I was rejected for any FAFSA related financial aid because of my status but I did receive the PELL Grant and some other grant.
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