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I'm sorry to hear this... usually these type of typos don't affect the decision. The "failed to establish continuous residence..." means that the proof submitted wasn't enough to prove that the person resided in this country from Jun 15 2007 - June 15, 2012. If they have at least one proof of every month since June 2007 - June 2012, they might as well reapply again. And you don't have to go to a paid attorney, you can either do it yourself or go to a non-profit organization, I'm pretty sure there are many helping out.

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They did sent enough evidence to be approved!! And resent even more when rfe!

As for now, we are trying to figure out what can be done as it was law firm mistake when they input data on computer as to questions #9
(thats what we think went wrong) .

And no, they are not thinking on wasting another $$ to risk being denied again, but they are thinking on waiting in hopes for a reform if none can be done at this point.
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