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I need help. I was brought here at 14. I am now 27. I am married to another undocumented immigrant (he is too old to apply), and we have 2 children who are US citizens (a 5 y/o and a 2 month old). Here are my dilemmas:

1) My first misdemeanor was in 2003--hit & run.
2) In 2004, I was being bullied and I beat the crap out of this girl. Charges were dropped.
3) I have also been pulled over twice (and car taken away) for driving without a license. One of them was a misdemeanor.

Would I still be able to file for my papers? Please help!
I agree with previous comment about needing a lawyer.

You need a lawyer because of 1, 2. They could be considered as harming someone else. USCIS tends to not like that kind of stuff. Cost of a lawyer depends on your state and area. I would try to speak to 1-2 before deciding on one. Don't go by price alone. You want someone honest, not someone that will fill your ears with honey.
A lawyer would be able to help you get copies of all those records because USCIS will most likely want to see them. She will be able to see what is appropriate to send and what is not. They could also try to clear or seal some of it if is possible.
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