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Originally Posted by BestBefore1984 View Post
Dude high yielding savings for the win. Now that I'm out of a $20k+ mess of a debt, I've been putting those monthly payments towards my HYS...currently fly at 2% with my local credit union. I just need 3 million to live off the interest!
I have a high yield savings account 2.2% and a high risk yield investing account with robinhood.

I think I have a 8-9% interest on about 9K

I lost about 800$ with hmny (moviepass) last year and I am finally positive $40 but that excludes dividends. In dividends i'm probably up $400

Ill be waiting on another dip like Decembers to double my positions.

once I hit 25k and about $150 in monthly dividends ill be day trading.
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