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03-20-2015, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Infamousknight View Post
I read you above reply and went to check my status: APPROVED and CARD IN PRODUCTION

I literally just got approved right now!!!!

Received: 11/28/2014
Biometric: 12/31/2014
Approved: 3/20/2015
Yay!!! Congrats!!!!
1st.Ca. App. received: 10/22/12- Bio: 11/15/12 EAD 3/11/13 2nd.Nebraska 11/06/14 Bios:12/03/14 expedite my case on: 3/11/15 I-765 Approved on: 3/16/15 DACA approved: 3/17/15 EAD Arrive on 3/23/15. 3rd accepted 10/23/16 Bios:11/14/16 I-765 Approved 2/9/17....
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