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04-10-2013, 08:37 PM
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Originally Posted by marco12 View Post
yay congrats they receive my RFE on the 20 is been three weeks and nothing yet
All I can say is "patience" my friend. As you can see in my signature I applied since september and had a tough case with my fingerprints taken incorrectly, and then the RFE but let me tell you, your turn will come.

Just try to forget about it for a while, that is what i did, concentrate on work/school, play sports, and when you less expect it you will be approved.
application received: 9/20/12 @ Nebraska Center | biometrics (no walk in): 10-17-12 (fingerprints taken incorrectly) | 2nd Biometrics: 11/15/12 | RFE notification: 03/4/13 | RFE Letter received : 03/27/13 (took 23 days to arrive) | Evidence sent to Nebraska : 03/28/13 | RFE received at Nebraska: 03/29/13 | Approved: 4/10/13
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