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11-04-2016, 02:54 AM
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I've only had two official addresses that I've listed in my previous DACA renewal and original DACA request.

Address A is my grandparent's home, and it's where I basically grew up before moving out. I moved out after my second DACA renewal, and now I'm coming back to my primary address.

I will probably be residing in my old address in less than a year, so would it bother USCIS if I just didn't include my second address, and just put in my primary address in form I-821D, part 2.?

Basically I had my present address listed in my last renewal as well as my old address (the one that I've lived in longer and first) as address 1. I was thinking of just writing my old address in Present Address, and just forgetting about my previous address.

Would it matter? Does anyone know if there was an issue here? Is USCIS really specific about addresses? Because I didn't even list my other addresses that I lived in, though they were only in short moments.
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