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07-28-2019, 10:05 AM
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Not married obviously but I've tried one form of online dating for decades going back to the 90's even before the internet was really a thing (yes I'm old). Now days unless you work or go to school with lots of young single people, online seems to be the best game in town. I know a lot of people who met and got married. It's not taboo anymore like it used to be.
  1. Computer Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes as we called them). Pretty much anybody online back then had to be a bit of a techie or geeky so it was actually a fun time to meet people. One of my best friends and I met off there.
  2. AOL - I met a TON of people even though it wasn't specifically a "dating site". You could just check for keywords of whoever was online and just send them an instant message. boom. It would take a month to gain their trust enough to meet but it was great for specific interests. I met one of my current best friends off there like 20+ years ago. Also met someone I dated in college through there before she didn't want to have anything to do with me or my situation.
  3. Match - Match was always more of a serious dating site. Women wanted to know you could support them and you were marriage ready. I met a few people I dated for a bit off there. Solid choice really but as you get older, the more they want someone established.
  4. OKCUPID used to be great and geeky but now they've gone to shit with the right swiping like Tinder
  5. Tinder/Bumble/Coffee meets bagel - Pretty much the best choices now...

One consistent thing I've learned over the years is that human beings are simple creatures so whether you meet online or in person, it all comes down to our monkey brains - physical attraction and success. You have to have one or the other or you'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Mid-40's dreamer (yeah, time flies), aged out of original DACA and didn't have a chance to apply for extended DACA after Republicans killed it on the vine. Have family petition that is now officially current but with past skeletons, is risky to move forward with AOS. Life is on hold for now until laws and/or government becomes more friendly. Life kind of sucks at the moment but like Al Bundy and the mighty cockroach, I survive.
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