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07-17-2019, 09:31 PM
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The thing is that these morons in here still do not know how to read. Read carefully you dipshits: it's not all of the Democrats we dislike; only the party's leadership (Pelosi and Schumer) is shit.

Are some of you guys mentally incompetent? Even people within the Democratic party don't like Pelosi or Schumer (i.e. AOC quarreling with Pelosi). These bastards need to go.
These clowns just keep giving us more reason to laugh at them


“dEmOcrats don’t careeeee for usss”


“Listen here you dipshit. I actually mean the LEADERS”

Again, Maga wannabe are pathetic jokes all of them
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I personally knew that if he wins he's not going to be touching DACA.
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I hope Trump wins second term.
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Tranny is not derogatory term dummy
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