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Originally Posted by MaskedLuchador View Post
Ah... No. David married a daughter of Saul (Jonathan's father). Brotherly love does not equal gay butt sex. Sorry.

And all the other things you mentioned were completely abolished.

Having said that, I don't care what you choose or choose not to have shoved up your butt.
You cared enough to research it and write a rebuttal. Otherwise you would have just moved on like that other poster that assured he was going to be flamed. It sure isn't any of your damn business whether I want to shove my prick up some guys ass or a hot curling iron.

It's all theoretical so I'll give it a pass on the brotherly love thing but the rest, even though it was abolished, at a point in time it was condoned by Christianity. It's not as if it never existed... Times change and old outdated ideas are discarded and new ones are adopted.

I sometimes think that the most ardent anti gay pundits are the ones that need to get a grip of their beliefs. If it shakes their core so much it must be because there is more to it.

Nobody makes a riot for nothing.

Top 10 anti gay activists caught being gay
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