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09-26-2014, 12:05 AM
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Why is it that every time something gets done by Obama it's always a quarter measure. Alright, he extended MAVNI, but:
You are still required to have the medical or language skills required.
The cap is still at 1,500.

So effectively unless you're from some place that has low amounts of immigration to US, and speak said language (you have to be from a country that speaks the desired language, and speak said language), you're not getting in. Also, you are in competition with all the legal non-immigrants who also want to enlist via MAVNI. Another part being - as a non-citizen you will have no security clearance, so shit jobs await.

How many people do you think will be eligible to benefit from this? I'd say maybe 3-4 thousand from half a million that got DACA are eligible. How many do you think will enlist? Signing up for 6 years of service is a huge leap forward (even if I was able to, I really don't know if I would, it would feel like leaving my entire life behind, it would feel like getting a fake identity).

Another part being - only US Army actually accepts MAVNI recruits. Air Force accepted a few and they have no official releases about it. Other branches (ex. Navy) don't accept at all. US Army are the guys sitting in bases in Afghanistan and other volatile nations. Those are the first guys to get shot at, especially with ISIS thrashing about in the region.

What Obama should do instead is to allow DACA, TPS, and DED holders to enlist the same way US permanent residents can. It would only require an Executive Order under the same section which authorized MAVNI - but who expects a certain democrat president to not be a wuss?
This was not by obama this was the pentagon obama did not Order this
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