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I'm confused. They asked for proof of continuous residence from June 2007 thru present, which I submitted. They also asked for proof that I came before turning 16 which I also submitted (passport that shows I entered at 15 years old.) Why would they still want evidence of presence before June 2007? Should I have also submitted evidence for pre-June 2007? I'm curious because they are asking Idreamqt for evidence for pre-June 2007.
Submit everything. Basically they asked for evidence to prove that I established a life here before I turned 16 which is really weird because it may seem like they just want evidence for 5 years... But actually they want to know what you were doing before you turned 16....

As for the June 15 0, 2007 evidence I will submit stuff from online video game stores. I also used world of Warcraft for my evidence but I only started playing since January 2010. Before that I played non subscription games.
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