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You referring to me or Idreamqt? If you're referring to me, I submitted effective evidence such as college transcript and bank statements that covered dates from January 2007 thru July 2013. And yes they are in chronological order.

I'm only worried now because I read that they are asking Idreamqt for evidence prior to 2007. I'm wondering if they will RFE for me for the dates prior to January 2007. That is just dumb.
I figured out why they are asking me for stuff before 2007... I was 17 in June 2007, so now they want stuff from when i was 16 and younger.

apparently there's two requirements for this; first one is to prove that you came to this country before you turned 16 and I have already proved that with my overstay visa.

The second one is to prove that after you came here before your 16th birthday AND established a life here for years, and you can prove that with medical records or school records. I'll be sending them my school transcripts from middle school and high school.
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