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06-10-2016, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by carlitosediel View Post
I applied for Advance Parole 2 months ago, today i got an email saying that they mailed me a request for additional evidence.
this is what I sent:
- Proof of my DACA
- ID
- A letter form a doctor with my grandmas diagnosis (translated and notarized)
- A letter explaining why I need to go see my grandma (she raised me as a kid)
- Form I-131 completed
-2 passport photos
-Payment (money order)

One thing I did not send was my birth certificate. Anyone has a clue if I missed anything? TIA

i forgot to include my birth certificate 2 years ago when i applied to go visit my dad.I translated my birth certificate and mailed it . after 2 weeks i received my travel Document . They just need proof that you related to your grandma
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