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10-23-2014, 10:24 PM
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Hey look piano you finally have a friend.

I will repeat this again, as many others have pointed out, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE IS SAYING THAT DRINKING AND DRIVING IS A GOOD THING. We are not here to be judge, jury, and/or executioners, we already have those in place.

But seeing as you have already condemned this person from the bottom of your heart, how does that make you feel? Does that right the wrong? Is she automatically going to jail now? Deported? Is USCIS now going to automatically tear her application up because you have said so? The legal ramifications for her actions will be what they will be, no matter how you or I feel about it. She has that coming. Telling this person how much of a bad person and idiot she is will do absolutely nothing. Or maybe I'm wrong, maybe you can make this person feel so bad about what she did that she ultimately takes her life. As a "fellow dreamer" you should know that a lot of dreamers battle with those types of demons.

Wait until you lose someone you love because of a stupid drunk driver and then you tell me how you feel about this kind of people. Until then, you'll have the legitimate right to tell me not to judge.
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