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Originally Posted by BestBefore1984 View Post
This is huge. What did I tell you guys? I might get killed next.
No you wont. You're a low value low risk individual without any information on anyone of note.

At best you could fetch good prison bitch prices. Maybe 200 ciggs.

Epstien was killed essentially, because he had too much saucy info in his head.
Originally Posted by Tacvbo
Hahaha like I said. You're a nobody compared to me. Financially, physically, academically, and socially. I've also been to the moon SIX times. I date a hot model as my GF with a small business mowing lawns, so I am wealthier than you. I also have a level 100 main on Runescape and World of Warcraft.
Get out of here and start building something. Loser.
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