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Native Spanish and fluent English. My English is a bit better than my Spanish but I've been speaking Spanish a lot more lately and my grammar is excellent on both languages.

I'm also learning français and português, but I'm focusing more on Portuguese at the moment. I can pretty much read and pronounce %70 of the Portuguese language, but I have yet to learn how to speak it (português brasileiro).

If you guys are interested in learning new languages, go to that's where I'm learning French and Portuguese. I've actually made new friends in Rio de Janeiro, Uberlândia, São Paulo, and Brasilía. You'll learn from the courses you take, but you learn even more because you get to talk to native speakers of the language you're learning. It's totally free.
Hey I tried that livemocha website and its cool and all. but it isnt free. you have to buy those stupid tokens...what a rip
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