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Depends on which country they're coming from. If they're coming from a country where people tend to overstay their visas, it's damn near impossible. If they're coming from Europe or Canada, it's easy.
You can see the rejection rates country to country. Countries like Brazil and Argentina have rejection rates as high as 25%. While smaller ones have rejection rates in the teens. When my family went in for the visa interview, they saw a lot of worried and stressed faces, they came in confidently. They tell me that the individual ahead of them had stated they were planning to visit a convention in Miami. When asked when and where the convention was they froze and were immediately rejected on the spot.

People visit the U.S for legitimate travel reasons. The biggest thing is to avoid lying about your intentions whether at the consulate or at the border.

If I find the interactive map for rejection rates again Iíll post them here
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