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05-28-2019, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Copper View Post
This administration thrives on “total chaos”. You really think the President will sign a stop gap and give us an extension just because?

This is the same administration that is trying to pull healthcare under the rugs from American CITIZENS, putting CITIZENS within the farming business at risk because of a trade war, trying to undercut our LEGAL immigration system and doing everything in his executive power to even punish those LEGAL citizens who have or are currently using social services.

But somehow we expect them to come to our rescue and give us an extension? I remember a couple of years back when people claimed there would be “total chaos” if a Dreamer under DACA would ever get deported.

Well a few of them have, yet this administration survived that “chaos” plus many others.
Nailed it lol.

No one will be coming to our rescue if DACA gets canceled.
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