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01-11-2015, 04:47 PM
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Get a better lawyer because this case is fixable and this lawyer's a fuckwit. Even if not for DACA, or DAPA, there's always the hardship waivers. Christ, if I were hear such idiotic shit in person I'd call the bar association on the spot. Forgive my cursing, but the fact that an idiot like that is a lawyer makes my blood boil.
Wow I really hope you're being real with me. If so, thanks so much, just made our night. We were planning on seeing another lawyer anyway because this guy was pretty rude. Told her at 18 she made the decision to remain in the U.S. So a part of the problem was her. That in itself felt unprofessional.
Again, thank you for this input, thanks for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated.

Wow. I'm going to go a bit off-topic at first, but...
The level of unprofessionalism and incompetence in the immigration bar is just astounding; this goes for "prominent" and lesser-known attorneys. If a doctor told a patient seeking help in losing weight "well, you chose to stuff yourself with donuts..." or a patient with uncontrolled DM, "well, it's your fault that you did not try to rectify this sooner" not only would that physician be officially reprimanded, but possibly dismissed and risk losing contracting status with state and federal health plans. What a patronising jerk./cow. I've had my own experiences like this.

You have your entire family's and your own happiness and future in your hands, seek help elsewhere.

Just more evidence, doctors >lawyers.
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