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I read most of the guidelines and they don't say anything about getting a license and social security. Any thoughts?
With the deferred action you will also apply for a work permit ($380 is for the work permit, $85 is for the DACA process). With the Employment Authorization Document then you can go to the Social Security Administration to get a number, and most states (Virginia being the only one that doesn't) accept EADs as proof of lawful presence in the states when it comes to getting drivers licenses. In addition some states (NY being one for sure), once you get a drivers license its yours forever to keep, that is assuming you don't do anything stupid, once its about to expire you'll get a form to fill out to extend it.

Also once you get the employment authorization you can also apply for advance parole provided that there's some kind of emergency abroad you must attend, or your work requires you to travel abroad. Advance Parole is a permit to leave the country without acquiring a 3/10 year ban and return.
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