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10-11-2012, 03:14 PM
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Are the rest of you guys being processed kind of quick?? >.< uh anyways, i also wanted to ask... i hear their is a another quick little application you fill out at the biometric place, is their something i should know about thats like weird? some were saying their is a question asking for our rents names and their SSN, any more questions like that basically?

i hope i made sense
Application Sent:California,September 27, 2012
Date of Receipt Notice, delivered via mail:October 2, 2012
Biometrics: Letter received in mail October 11, 2012 - Bio. Appointment: October 26, 2012 -done
Approval: Aprroved on 11/16/12, recieved E.A.D on 11/24/12!
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