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06-21-2018, 10:28 PM
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I expire February of next year but with the current political climate I wanted to send in my renewal asap. Monday I was charged with "urination in certain places" which is a misdemeanor is Nevada. I was not charged with indecent exposure or anything that would constitute a gross misdemeanor in my county. The cop said he was giving me a ticket and let me go. The ticket says "Did willfully and unlawfully urinate at (insert address) in private property without consent from the owner." I know it was a mistake and I know I messed up but it truly was an emergency and I had to go or I was gonna do it on myself. Also the cop used unnecessary force on me and left my left ankle with bruises and I was cooperating i don't know how to go about that, I know it doesn't take away from my mistake but i felt it was unprofessional of him and like I said unnecessary I wasn't resisting arrest at all. I know police cars have dash cameras and in my jurisdiction they are required to have body cams too so I wouldn't want him doing that on anybody else and I don't appreciate it on my self.

Any way back on topic the renewal sheet says have I ever been "charged with" and I was charged with a misdemeanor so does anybody have any experience with getting an infraction while getting ready to renew? Under normal circumstances I would wait until I went to court and got all the paper work with the results but it doesn't seem we have time to waste. So I am thinking of including a copy of my ticket and saying I was charged with that but it's a pending case, what do you all think as an opinion? Thanks for your time guys and it's never been my intention to make us look bad it was a mistake and I know we all make them and believe me I learned my lesson about being even more strict with myself following the law.
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