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So there's an updated version of I-765 that is out now and will be the new form we have to fill out going forward. However, it's a bit harder to fill out than the previous version, specifically Question 21.

The section heading says "Information About Your Last Arrival in the United States", but then proceeds to ask questions about "Most Recent Passport" and the Passport you used to enter the United States. This is all well and good if the passport you entered with is also the most recent passport you hold, but you can (and I did) get a more recent passport by going to your nearest consulate. So now I have two passports in question. (1) the passport I entered with and (2) my most recent passport.

So here's my question: did I fill this section of the form correctly for item 21.

Q: Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number(if any)
A: I-94 # from (1) Old passport I entered the US with
Thoughts: Pretty straight forward as only one will have the I-94 attached to it, which is the one you entered with

Q: Passport Number of Your Most Recently Issued Passport
A. Passport Number from (2) Most Recent Passport Issued
Thoughts: Also straight forward since in the question, it says "most recent"

Q: Travel Document Number (if any)
A: N/A, I have no idea what this is and couldn't find it my (2) most recent passport so went with N/A
Thoughts: This is kind of vague, I couldn't find this on either of my passports, so I N/A since it was optional, any thoughts?

Q: Country that issued your passport or Travel Document
A: Going to be the same in both cases, so doesn't matter
Thoughts: Also straight forward

Q: Expiration Date for Passport or Travel Document
A: Passport Expiration Date from (2) Most Recent Passport Issued
Thoughts: This is the most ambiguous one since the title for the subsection is "Information about your last arrival in the United States", I'm really not sure which passport information (1) or (2) to take the info from

Q: Date of Your Last Arrival into the United State, on or about
A: Passport Entry stamp date on my (1) Old Passport I Entered US with
Thoughts: Pretty straight forward that they want the passport you entered with

So any thoughts on this, specifically 21.c. and 21.e.? What did you put? or what makes the most sense to you?

And since I'm already asking and I'm a bit paranoid. for item 27. Eligibility Category we are (c)(33) correct? I'm like 99% sure that's right but just thought I'd double-check.
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